Masonry Crucible Door is stuck shut without way to open

At some point yesterday 4/24/2024 my crucible entrance (from masonry) is shut all the way, no NPC to talk to, and will not let me re-sacrifice blood to open.

I beat the Twins way earlier in the day, did some crucible, made it to like room 6 or so and died. Then decided to farm mats and other stuff in the other zones. I went back to masonry building near the end of the night wanting to do one more crucible run, and to my surprise, the main door to crucible area is fully shut and I have no way to open.

I loaded the earliest backup save, and it is still broke there too. I have tried full uninstall and reinstall, no luck there either. I have tried zoning in and out to other areas. Still the door remains shut. Not sure what else i can do, and dont really wanna start a new realm yet. I just made it to crucible end game :frowning:

I had Xfinity Internet outage throughout the day off and on, and STEAM would warm me about unable to sync data etc… Figured it would just catch all the cloud saves up once internet came back, maybe this was a factor? I am not sure.



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I’ve got the same issue this morning let me know if you find out a way to solve this please.

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The same issue is happening to me after today’s patch.

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ive just restarted cos nothings changed since it happened :frowning:

Yup, same thing here. Tried restarting the game multiple times, teleporting across the world, doing other stuff. Was fine couple of days ago, then I uninstalled and re-installed the game (+latest patch) and now its broken TT_TT

Same here.
I joined another realm and the doors were open there.

A similar problem happened today. Fell behind the textures on the crucible elevator today. Resurrected several times behind the textures. I ended up in the water on the beach, and after that the crucible door was closed.

Thanks for the info folks, we’re looking into it!

Can someone provide their zipped DataStore folder from
C:\Users<user>\AppData\LocalLow\Moon Studios\NoRestForTheWicked