Losing durability isn't bad, but equipment after it goes to 0% is

Before the update my equipment has 0 durability and becouse of that I couldn’t use it. I think that you should be able to use it but its performence should drop by half, less or more.
I rather loss durability then money or xp, but its my opinion.


I don’t want to check by myself BUT when i watch YT gameplay i saw that player lose all durability on tool and it disappears. Hope it wont be like that.

Yup, when an item goes to 0 durability it is deleted from inventory.

There is an icon that appears in the lower right corner that indicates an item has low durability but other than that you need to check your inventory for specific numbers.

So i would like that player wont be able to use broken tool. Can repair it but it shouldnt get deleted in my opinion.

yeah, just make the item unusable until you repair it. I don’t like that the weapon/tool completely breaks when it reaches zero

Yeah- I think if a tool breaks, it’s an expensive repair, but I agree- I lost one pick to breakage, and it was a touch frustrating. I’d be fine with it being expensive though.

Equipment after hit 0% durability its become unusable until you repair it.
Only think that disapire are tools.
I only tell it from expirience before the ubdate 2.
after this ubdate My equipment besaid tools never hit 0%

That’s only in case of a tool, not an equipment like a weapon or armour.

Tools are, fortunately, easily replaced. You just need to buy one from the vendors if yours breaks.

Weapons/armours instead get unequipped and you can’t use them until you go and repair.