"Lose Stamina On-Hit" affix potential bug / issue

This seems to be either intentional design or a bug. Normal actions like attacks taken at low stamina in this game will drain your stamina into the negative which makes sense, however with this “Stamina-Loss on hit” affix it can cause some issues.

I had an issue where I got cornered by a group of rats that kept hitting me (presumably sending my stamina massively into the negative range), and it took me almost 3 minutes to actually get any of my stamina back. The rats had no chance of killing me because they did very little damage, but I assume that each hit was still sapping my stamina. Obviously I was unable to sprint, roll, or even attack because of no stamina. Maybe there could be a cap on how negative your stamina can go?

I essentially had to maneuver my way out of the corner, slowly walk away from the rats, leave the area, and then wait for any of my stamina to return. Presumably this is because every hit with the “lose stamina on-hit” affix continues to drain your stamina even past 0. I think this is fine in general, but putting you into -1000 stamina forcing the player to wait a few minutes for any stamina seems a bit excessive in situations like the one above.

I had the same problem, reported here. This malus make the equipement basically unusable, now I’m praying (for summer) ot to get this affix each time I enchant my stuff.