Let us repair items individualy pls

If I want to repair my gear they’re 2 option:

“Repair equiped gear” and “repair all gear”.

The thing is, repairing all the gear is very expensive and sometimes I just want to repair my weapon f.e…or a specific ring.

But here the problems appear: Items that are broken can’t be equiped, therefore I can’t equip the 1-2 items I want to repair to use the “repair equiped” option.

But I also can’t repair those 1-2 items individualy, so my only option here is “repair all”…but this option is way to expensive, esp in a “Dark Souls like” game where the character dies frequently.

Please give us an option to repair our gear pieces in the inventory individualy.

Thank you.


Agree. Its a must, otherwise We can’t repair unless we got money to repair them all