Lack of information

  1. There’s no way to see what exact rewards you are gonna get for bounties etc, I mean yes you can see what you will get but it’s just a recipe or a piece of gear with no specifics.

  2. You can cancel mission that you took using the same button that you used to accept it and it not even gonna ask you “are you sure you want to cancel it?” I use ps4 gamepad and game uses only xbox buttons, it said press X to contribute, and i forgot that it was for xbox and i cancelled the mission and it was gone for good. Why tho?

  3. Weapon require stat, but i don’t wanna commit to a weapon that i don’t know if i’m gonna like. I can’t try a new weapon to see how it feels, or to check it’s special abilties. There’s no description of ability or visual representation like a short video.

  4. When you enchant an item you don’t see a result, it’s just gone, so you have to go to a sell tab or open up inventory to see what you got. Same with gems, you don’t see % that you get.

  5. Runes and gems don’t have information about what exactly they do. Yes you can see what gem is gonna do when you use it on a cpecific piece of gear but it’s so inconvinient.


I would really like to have some form of trying a weapon the most but all other points are really needed too.