(FEEDBACK) Lack of info and other tidbits

Hey, I’ve been trying the game out for about 6 hours now on EA patch 1 Steam, I play with a Keyboard and Mouse and so far I’m enjoying the game, but there’s a few things I would like to adress.

Broadly, there is a lack of critical info and tooltips in general, a few areas where I’ve noticed them are:

  • bounties have no indication how long you have left to complete them or when they will reset

  • I can’t seem to find a way to show what my runes that are already applied to weapons do (if there is a way I think it can be made clearer)

-It’s hard to gauge how many things you have killed/completed for a bounty, the circle is fine but maybe add a % meter as well just so it’s easier to gauge the exact number of enemies you have left.

-It can be hard to sometimes see what trees are interactable, it would be nice if they had a slight glow or perhaps a blue loot icon (On that note please please change it so that chopping and mining goes directly into your inventory, it hurts so much to realise I forgot to loot that tree 10 minutes ago)

-The area subtext, the Safe, Normal, Dangerous, as far as I could noticed wasn’t brought up in a tutorial I still don’t know what they mean.

-The “Slide” popup should have an option to disable as it is not a mechanic I have encountered much, but every time I come in a 10m radius of a wall it will remind me

-There is no easy way to identify which debuff correlates to what resistance and what element it is related to, I’ve been getting the skull debuff often from the suckers and rats, but I have no idea what it is, I assume plague but it would be nice if the resistances had the icon next to them as well

-I don’t have a clue what is the thing to the right of an item’s armour value and I can’t seem to find it.

-It’s not overly clear what attacks can and can’t be parried, it might be worth making attacks that can’t be parried have the character in a red outline or something along those lines.

-This last one is a slight tangent, but trying to use staves at the early stages felt miserable and I swapped away very quickly, I think if you’re using a staff you should get a flat bonus to focus generation, it felt quite sad to be hitting a mob for 10 seconds just to get 1 fireball off that doesn’t even do the same damage as just hitting that same mob with a sword. (It could be that this is part of the design and staves are meant as secondary weapons, but just thought I would point it out)

Overall I’ve been having a groovy time, few stutters here and there, and sometimes the depth of field is weird, also that flower in the cave makes it very hard to fight enemies, did not enjoy that screen filter, but the farcry 3 vibes were strong, needed more electronic dance music maybe? That silliness aside, game is cool, townbuilding is quaint, crafting feels rewarding and the story is intriguing. There are some features that I would consider “off-putting” for your average mainstream person, but if that was part of the vision for the game, I would like to see the ideas fully embraced.

Oh and the visuals/sound are amazing through and through, I do hope to experience another gut puncher song, like in Ori, still gives me chills.

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this was suggested here:

and here:

maybe give those your vote and leave a comment for visibility?

Overall I do agree that the game needs some more/better descriptions and tutorials explaining stats and other things.

I’ll try to clarify some things you brought up:

This is the danger level of the area relative to your character.

That is poise defense, so basically stagger resistance. The more you have the less you will be interupted during attack animations.

Also rest assured some of the things you brought up have been brought up a lot in the forums; so you are not alone in this.

Great observations all around, thank you for pointing them out! :pray:

Basically agree 100% with every point.

To follow that tangent a bit, I agree completely that playstyles should be accessable (not only magic) earlier in the game. Currently it can take a long time and/or favorable RNG to get specific builds going. Hopefully the Talenttree and possibly starting Talents can help with that.

Wicked sadly hasn’t even come close. The build ups, emotional tension and clear leitmotif are missing for me. The OST seems much more generic and ambient. But that is just my pov and I can very well see this being intended, to some extend. Wicked is a pretty different style of game after all.

Oh wow, they even made their own suggestions on how it could look which is really cool, gave them a vote hope to see something like it in a future patch.

Ah thanks for the info, I assumed that was what the danger level meant, but a small popup would still be nice. I did see some of these were brought up, I’ll upvote those, just wanted to post my own experience so far :smiley:

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