Keybinding Conflict

I’m getting a keybinding conflict with the ‘F’ key. I always change my key map to ‘ESDF’ because it’s way easier for me (I am missing a finger and find the closer proximity to the rest of the keyboard nice). Everything seems fine, except a conflict with the ‘F’ key. When I try to scale walls, the ‘F’ key always causes me to drop, i suppose because it’s previously tied to ‘USE’ or ‘ACTION’ in the menu somehow. Please help.

*links to all the requested files in my google drive.
zip file of short video of the wall canceling

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Lots of issues with KB/M. Hoping for some fixes soon.

this should also be added to the list of “accessibility” features.

btw, do we have such a list here already? i could not find it.

Btw your video is not public. I usually find it easier to upload to yt and leave it as “not public” (accessible via link only).

I’ll double check the issue and add it to the list later.

It actually doesn’t matter much. The issue speaks for itself, and saw your post after the fact… So clearly Devs are aware. Thanks for the heads up though.

I wouldn’t be so sure, there are many bugs in rebinding department.

I added this one to the list. I use quite a bit different layout - W(remapped to RAlt)/J/H/L with dodge/run under F(remapped to K) - so I missed that one.

RAlt due to bugs, F due to hardcoded inventory keys (with quite a few other ones)

Bless hardware-rebindable keyboards …

I actually just ended up doing a full keyboard remap with PowerToys. Seems to be working fine now, except for how annoying it is when I leave the game and try typing something (like this email right now). ><

For the record, I can’t recommend hardware-level rebindable keyboards more enough these days. Basically any ‘gaming’ or ‘programmers’ one should do.

Less hassle than AHK or PowerToys.

Oh, I agree 100%
The idea of making a game in 2024 without full keyboarding support, including menus, is laughable to me. But this is where we are, we make due.

thanks for the reports and attention folks. Rest assured we are reviewing all issues.

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