Items And Vendors

Rune doesn’t have description - when buy a rune, all player has is a name, what rune actually does not always clear
No access to items in the chest - Venders and the chest at the start of the game are to far apart from each other, it’s annoying to go back and forth if you forgot one item for upgrade. Look at Dragon’s Dogma 2, their chest and vendors so close to each other, more over, it’s very nice to have access to items in the chest, while interacting with vendor, you can not take item. but it can be used to upgrade or can be sold. It a little touch, yet makes very basic and frequent activite as using vendors so mush nicer
No compare button or menu - Currently all you can see if damage/armor is higher/lower and equip load. Such things as gems, and affixes can’t be seen in the tooltip or on the side of it
No tooltips on attributes - It’s hard to tell difference between item with armor 50 and armor 70, or how much resistances decrease incoming damage

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