Item stacking option?

Item stacking needed as an option from within our inventory. Maybe should happen automatically when press the sorting button.

Coupled with that, items that are required for crafting purposes, should be withdrawn from the smaller stack in your inventory, not the highest. I had 25 mushrooms (so stacks of x20 and x5), crafted 5 soups and the stack of 20 got used so I still have 2 stacks (x15 and x5) taking up space in inventory.

Had to go run yet another lap back up to the chest in the rookery just so I could transfer the x5 stack into it and take it back so I have just one stack taking up space.

Anyways I think you get the whole idea. Thanks for reading up!

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Example with the herbs


Had a problem where my mushrooms ought to have stacked (one is 5 and the other is 9) because as far as I know, the limit is supposed to be 25.

It’s causing me to not be able to pick up loot.

Yes, make it infinity in one slot.