Identical items not stacking

Same item, doesn’t stack. I’m not sure if there is a max stack limit but I had quite a lot of mushrooms, went and cooked food then opened the menu and saw one single mushroom, unstacked from the rest.


For what I have seem itens can stack up to 20, BUT now I have two stacks of mushrooms, one with 14 and another with 4 :rofl:

EDIT: I quit the game, and when I loaded back the stack was correct, 1 stack with 18 mushrooms

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Yup, this needs to be looked at.

Yeah I found it a little frustrating to find my resources tab was full and couldn’t obtain any more due to all the mushrooms I had acquired, even when a stack isn’t existing stacks won’t merge. There is a sort button but it only sorts type/rarity. Even reloading the game didn’t seem to work for me. I have a stack of 20, 16 and then just single one hanging out.

This is the behavior I see where it creates a new stack when it reaches 20 but then if you use some of that stack of 20 it won’t combine or allow you to combine stacks.

Thankfully quitting and reloading makes them combine, for me at least.

I faced the same problem. Items do not stack. They should fix, I guess…

Yup a problem needs to be fixed asap , we got limited inventory space and this is not helping!

we should have a competition in how many stacks of the same thing we can create xD

until now I was only able to get 2 stacks

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