Inventory/Item Stacking Bug


I’ve encountered this bug a few times and I can sometimes recreate it. I’m not entirely sure but I think it has to do with when you spend a material and soon after pick it up. When this occurred I was crafting Crab Chowder, and noticed it didn’t use my stack of 4 but instead used my stack of 17 and hence I’m down to 13 because I was trying to manage my inventory space.

I believe a simple workaround this bug is to simply try to auto-stack all items of the same type when you press the ‘item sort button’

Happy patching!

((PS. Loving the game so far, great job team!))


Agreed, REEEEAAALLLYYY need that auto sort button


Totally agree with that !

Too add to that If we could have the option too sort in the chest it would be much appreciated (could sort your inventory and the chest at the same time if it easier too do)

Hey thanks for the report and the sorting suggestion, passing along to the team! Happy gaming :slight_smile:

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