Interaction Hitboxes

This may be taken as a nitpick, but the interaction hitboxes are very unfriendly. The tolerance for the angle of approach and proximity are predominantly the largest issues. It makes interacting with fire pits, npcs, and gatherable resources, very cumbersome. There needs to be some slight adjustments in the maximum angle and proximity at which you can interact with anything. It is a minor inconvenience but it slowly builds up and was one of the biggest things I noticed out the gate with the game.

Absolutely, I forgot about how irritating this was. Kind of a weird thing for the game to suffer from

To give the devs some direction here, there is one mushroom to the northwest of the first fire pit in the sewers that is particularly wonky. Another is in Mariner’s Keep just to the west of the elevator that takes you up to Orban Glades (west of the bridge that takes you to the Orban Glades Whisper).