Input lag, queuing, reading?

Has anyone noticed a general input lag? In combat and menus, voices overs etc?

Also anyone noticed input queuing? double taping dodge or attacks they seem to queue up.

input reading and tracking: seems like enemies can change where they hit and rotate during an animation. I’ve had a few follow my rolls after they started their attack animation and hit me.

Also has anyone been hit even though the tip of the spear or sword never touched them? are the hit boxes off?

I’m using an xbox controller

Input lag, no. Using an xbox controller on PC as well. I’m usually pretty sensitive to it, too.

Input queueing, yes, but it’s almost definitely intentional & meant to punish panic-spamming buttons. That’s a common souls & souls-adjacent game behavior.

Input reading, no, not really. Certainly not like Elden Ring Godskin enemies immediately reacting to a flask.

Input tracking, usually not. Enemies with shields definitely track too well with defending. Fighting with double daggers and hitting an enemy in the back seems to always result in the second dagger getting blocked, even if it’s part of the same attack (like a dodge attack). The fireball casting enemies to the east of town track a little too well on some of their attacks, too. But other than that, I didn’t think it was so bad. Most enemies seem to commit to their swings, which is good.