Increase level cap or add respect to the game also some ideas

please add respect! my build needs adjustments to kill the horse boss. or increase the level cap so i can put points in other areas!!

some ideas!!

fishing spots should be unlimited and maybe a chance to catch blue prints or other junk/items

farming in the town Please

cooking needs to give 2 items instead of 1 item per craft

focus needs to start at 200 instead of 100 a lot of the skills require way to much

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level cap is fine with the things we have right now it gives you more than enough points to put it into the build you want while also having left over for other things.

but respecing should be available.

as for focus cost it’s perfectly balanced, there are enough focus skills requiring 100 or less, and you can find gear or slot in gems to increase your focus (yellow gems are focus gems) or food buffs

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have you killed the horse boss at the end of the tower!!! if not you dont know how hard this game is! beside the fall damage

yes i did, shoving more stat points will not solve the problem. since the max stat requirement for weapons right now is 42.

any higher would be pointless.

at this point you have to focus on upgrading gear, not leveling. make a build aswell. use the enchantress to start enchanting gear.

and use gems aswell

all my gear is maxed out i get to the horse boss no problem! but now that am maxed level there is no point fighting him!!

also not all builds can fight him!! if your in cloth gear good luck he basically one shots you and i play normal weight build with high armor roughly 1000 armor with about 150 hp and that boss still gives me a hard time

that’s more skill issue, if you using cloth then the player would most likely be running a ranged build anyway like magic and at this point a magic player would have waaay more than 200 focus and lots of focus potions.

have you even tryed that boss it seems like you havent

i did, and many players beat it no matter the build.

this guy for example using full light armor beat him asking for more crucible. you use a heavy armor build then assume anyone else will strugle without even trying the other builds.

mages even have blink which is VERY OP

the reddit dosnt even show him killing it just shows he level 30

am not talking about the last boss next to the big door i killed him in 30 secs

here is a average mage playthrough

so now you show a exploit what a joke

do you not see he has over 1000 focus

it;s not even a exploit it’s a build :rofl:

this focus is easy to get bro i have 500 focus and i only have 4 points in focus

no its not there demishing returns on each point you put in it
it goes up 20 20 15 15 15 15 10 101010 5

if anything cheating

wait till you figure out that there are gear effects that increase your max focus and gems aswell.

one grey gear piece can equip 4 gems that can give up to 20% focus per gem

that videos shows nothing about skill

what skill? the endgame is for testing your build and skill.

his skill was using his game knowledge and knowing what build he wanted to make.

i’m done here dude.