Incorrect Character can be deleted

Bug Description:
Currently, it is possible for players to accidentally delete the wrong characters on the menu. If the player tries to delete a character whilst having a different one selected/active on the main menu, the selected character will be deleted

This bug is extremely easy to reproduce

Repro Steps:

  • Have two characters
  • Left click character 1 on the main menu
  • Mouse over character 2 (do not left click it)
  • Press delete whilst moused over character 2
  • Prompt will ask if you want to delete character 2 - Note that character 1 is shown in the background
  • Confirm the delete. character 1 will now be gone, character 2 will remain

(I apologize for the little mic crackle in the middle. Technology loves acting up!)

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(Not sure if the DXDiag or logs are needed, but they are here, as well as the video I uploaded to youtube just incase you need to send that around elsewhere)


Bump, it seems to just delete the top most character despite the selection.

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This has just happened to me this very moment. You can have the intended character selected, but the game allows you to mistakenly swap characters and it’ll delete the one currently shown in the background area, not the one whose name is appearing in the character deletion screen.

Video of it happening: