Improvements for russian localization. Translation errors and inaccuracies. Part 1

In this topic and its next parts I will share where not everything is translated for russian localization. If some bugs accumulate I will write about them.
If I can I will add pictures and description so you can see these places.

1. When creating a character, “Invalid Name” - это Недопустимое имя (Неверное имя).

2. When deleting a world, need to translate the warning text in its entirety.

3. The names of the 2 sailors :Rigger Mers и Striker Rylan have not been translated.

4. When you use a new food earlier than you should (you have to wait), it says at the top of the screen for you to wait the right amount of seconds, which is not translated.

  1. Incorrect fonts at the bottom of the screen where it says Pairing - Парирование

  2. Please check these 2 clue captions against the translation, they confuse me.
    The inscription on the first screen is strange. I couldn’t do the jump for a long time (it turned out when I died, having spent all the food), and I thought I had to go around sideways, this inscription confused me.
    The inscription on the second screen is not quite correct in translation.


Main problem for me so far is this thing - missing numbers in items description

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The two tutorial levels of jumping and moving sideways are really confusing. I think the problem may lie in the camera (lack of guidance for people to jump, and the area near the right wall is not visible); and the cliff is too narrow, which makes it difficult to see It doesn’t look like a road.

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