Impressions -/- Improvement points

Hello there,

i wrote down my few points that came to mind while playing and might add to NoRestfortheWickd to be even better as it already is.

I have around 15 hours spent for now to kinda give my feedback/opinion.

  • Challenges dailys / bounties were too often “abandoned” by mistake
    maybe an additional message whether mission/daily X should really be abandoned(deleted) ?

  • I noticed when I turned off my controller and the game switched to keyboard and mouse, I had issues finding the ‘End game’ button/symobl.
    It’s very easy to see on controller, but i had problems finding it on mouse/keyboard UI
    (At least I couldn’t find the button, so I had to turn my controller back on and was able to find it again thanks to the Controller UI-swap).

  • Reset attributes, at least once per act or in chapter 1.
    If you want to choose a different playstyle, you could at least change your style once for a playthrough.

  • Replacing runes in weaponsslots with other runes; - allows even more variety
    (currently, as far as I know, you can add runes in free slots, but not replace runes with others if you wanted to).

  • Steam link for feedback does not lead to the forum (just in case it’s unintentional).
    Beeing able to create an account for the forum via steam would be cool since the “Wickd Feedback threat” says that most of the feedback is taken from the main homepage and not from steam but as you have to create an additional account it might push more people to use this Forum.

I hope my english is understandable enough.

Have a good day and keep going. :smiling_face:

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