I am encumbered and can't not be

So I’m just getting started and became encumbered (170/181). I haven’t gotten to a place where I can sell anything yet. So I went to discard an extra shield I’d found and it asked if I wanted to destroy it. I said yes and it disappeared from my inventory. But my weight did not change to what I expected (was hoping it would drop to 171 since the shield weighs 10). Nope, I’m still at 181. I did the same process with my tattered clothing and again, I’m still encumbered with no change in weight. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? I would have preferred to sell the items but at this point, I just don’t want to be slow - I can’t fight like this.

Your weight is calculated based on currently equipped items (items on the right side of the screen next to your character), not from the items stored in your inventory (items on the left side of the screen away from your character)

Remember to pay close attention to your Weight Class. For example:
Equip load is 230, Current Weight is 130.3, Weight Class is Normal (57%)

When viewing your character, the current weight and weight class is shown by a bar with two lines underneath your equipped items in the inventory screen. The left side of the bar is Light, the middle is Normal and the right side is Heavy. If you are encumbered, it means you are currently Heavy. Removing equipped items from the right side of the screen and placing them in your inventory on the left side of the screen will remove weight from your total weight.


That is super-helpful, thank you. I was pretty frustrated there for a bit. I’ll jump back in and see if things get better.

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