Equip Loads Numbers for easier understanding

Hey Dear Dev Team,

it would be really cool when we can get a Number on Equip Load and Items this would help alot that we must not test how high our equip load goes up with equip and unequip items.


is it just me, or everything is too much heavy? >.>

I can hardly use pants with my great sword in the beginning without fat rolling

I believe we should be able to use a full set of tarnished clothes at least with a two handed weapon

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I agree with you; I’ll make my comment here, as I was about to make a new thread and the suggestion popped up.


When currently in the equip screen, your inventory items are on the left, with equipped items on the right.

The inventory item will tell you ± weight based on currently equipped items - good.

You equip the item only to see the overall equip load jump - and possibly put you into an undesired weight class - bad.

Problem: User can’t visuallysee the effect of the equip load prior to equipping it. I’m fully aware you can do the manual math to add numbers, but that leads into the second suggestion [unless I missed it in the UI]


  1. Add an overlay UI on the equip load bar so you can visually see ‘how much’ the item will increase my equip load.

  2. Modify the existing UI to place a vertical indicator / something / add UI elements that will display your weight rating based on a percentage of total load, like a Dark Souls system. E.G.: We all ‘know’ that if you get your equip load to 75% > you’re in heavy status.

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I can agree with that - I couldn’t understand why that light hat armor [basically a hard hat] weighed 27 - more that almost everything else in my inventory.

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