Equip Load needs adjusting

I feel like right now it is too easy to fall into the “fat roll” heavy area. I think some adjusting to the bar could use adjustment or buff the “equip load” stat


Agreed, it’s too tight.

Once you get to Tier 2 equipment dropping, the stat requirements are also way too high

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yeah, I only have 1 piece of plate armor and all the rest being mesh and even with a couple “decreaed equip load” stats I’m still really close to fat rolling with 20+ points into equip load.

hmm, i used feathers to infuse the weighs less stat also make sure you roll decreased item weight or increased equip load stat. and (of course) put in some points into equip load itself… i have a super junky 1000+ armor gal (nearly) farming echo knight (wishful thinking, haha) and i had to squeeze a lot until i could drop the equip load ring.

that ring can drop or spawn at the merchant , but it’s very rare (create new realms if it’s really urgent, i think i saw it a couple of times, it’s more common at the merchant in the beginning i think).

also use light gloves, the armor stats there aren’t that much different to the heavy ones, but they weigh a lot less!


A lot of the item weights don’t even make sense. I don’t know what unit of measure the weight is supposed to be but how is it possible a pair of gloves can weigh 3x more than my chest piece? Why does a 2 handed sword weigh 44 (lbs? Kilos? Neither makes sense)? It seems just as arbitrary and bloated as the stat requirements on gear.

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Tier 3 stuff seems especially hard to equip. And I’m using a light dexterity weapon, too. I can only imagine how much more difficult it is to wear any reasonable amount of armor with a large two-handed weapon.

Which doesn’t matter much in lots of souls games, but armor seems to make a large difference here.

Maybe it’s meant to get easier to equip heavier armor as the game goes on. More levels, more points for equip load, but armor-types (plate, mesh, leather, cloth) generally keep the same weights? Hard to say for unreleased stuff, I suppose.

I can say my inventory is full of tier 3 stuff and I’m struggling to equip any of it. Even the gear types I was trying to focus on.

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Try to find gear with the “increase max equip load” and “reduced weight” affixes on heavier gear. I’ve only got 20 in equip load, using a sword/shield and a mix of medium and heavy armor and I’m right below heavy load. I’m just shy of 700 armor which seems to be plenty when combined with medium movement. I think the main intent the devs have with equip load is trying to create 3 distinct playstyles between light, medium and heavy. Heavy load makes you slower but you can be an absolute tank (I’ve heard of people reaching 1500+ armor) and you get a “shoulder check” ability that light and medium don’t. I think once we get to go beyond 30 and get better gear later on the weight issues will be less relevant, but we’ll see when/if they let us test that in the early access.