How to farm Wolf Claws?

I need these to upgrade my weapon but it’s hard to farm. There’re just few wolves in Nameless Pass and hardly drop Wolf Claws. T_T

Killing wolves)
At some point they appear on the coast. I also saw two wolves constantly walking, the exit is to the northeast and it is necessary to climb the mountain to the north. Sometimes there is a daily quest on them, then there will be three wolves.


Thank you very much!

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there bounty for killing wolves and its reset everyday didn’t see wolves yet that not on bounty but probably they will roam around at one point during the run maybe after killing few bosses (when you accept bounty they spawn at the location of the bounty) hope it helps best regards and have fun

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The general goods vendor in sanctum has them now and then.

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I’ve had the best luck looking for them in the orban glades, specifically the “top of the mountain” area that overlooks sacrament. Might be different for everyone though


at some point they will spawn at The Shallows and There are some mutated ones in the sewers as well.

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