GPU overheat even in caracter creation?

I really would like to play the game, ive seen multiple streams on twitch, i was hooked since the announcement for the game to be release, but…

I installed the game, in my moddest and humble pc with 16gb ram , i7 9900k , and 3060ti GPU, and i choosed grapphic performance settings …i notice my 3060 TI GPU goes even in caracter creation above 85ºcelcius. (with framerate ingame capped to 60 and everything in low settings)

I ve seen others with 3060 ti gpus saying the same thing on reddit and on twitch.
i believe its overheating and this doesnt happen with other games. I was so excited for this game, But im afraid this costant heat in gpu could be bad right?. …I hope , no…i wish the DEVS can improve the performance…

Can someone please help?, or, at least give a little hope about the performance of the game.

i hope u all the best and be happy,

Only way to help keep it down, other than a more aggressive GPU fan curve (or undervolting), is to cap your framerate ingame. Try 60, then 45, or as low as your eyes can bear. Then wait for more optimization work from the devs.

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Thanks for the reply. i had the framerate ingame capped in 60fps.

But thanks for at least replying to me. I wish u the very best.

The maximum temp (safety shutdown) is 95 for that GPU and the recommended running temperature is up to 85 (throttling will happen after that)

80 is perfectly fine but turn down the graphics if you’re wetting your panties.

Sorry I must’ve missed that in your post, and saw 75 fps in the screenshot so deduced you hadn’t capped it.

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