Give %focus on focus use back!

Mage playstyle just got broke because of last update.
It was nice using all resources to keep mage doing what mage should do(cast spells) but after this update, became impossible to battle against the echo knight.
I play with friends that use tank build. They just can’t die due to heavy armor/resistance/shield, while they leech stamina/HP, keeping sustain forever.
But Mages using cloth must go to melee and die in one shot trying to recover focus?
Game was really fun and pleasant with each class doing good what they are made for.
But after last patch it’s better to make a tanky build as well.


Eventually you’ll have plenty of money and focus potions are super cheap. I love my mage and miss having infinite focus but infinite is too much. Maybe if they split the difference and made it in between where it is now and where it was.

I feel they should buff the topaz gain on pants, instead of 2-5 to a 5-15. I used this for infinite arrows not other spells but also made a build that utilized the % to tis full extend going for 500 focus without any equipment. That character suffers heavily now as he has no health, no stamina or anything, I wanted a pure archer. The build can still work if you put % focus on damage dealt but it is less fun

Passive focus regen doesn’t work yet so that would play into the math aswell

I think they should also remove the “gain Health on damage dealt” affix (like on Crow Ring) since as you know already, this can make you invulnerable and turn the game into a button masher.

You can still get stun locked and hit by massive damage

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