Game's audio is stuttering constantly

As the title says. I have sound but it’s constantly stuttering and cutting out for a split second.

I’m using somewhat older PC stereo speakers that work perfectly, driver is updated.

Please note that for the other 30+ games I own, I have NO audio stuttering whatsoever, the sound is perfect in every single game. Elden Ring, Lords of the Fallen, all the Souls games, Lies of P, etc. This is the only game that I am having audio issues with.


Also experiencing this.

Must have happened like ~6-7 times in the 3 hours I’ve played.

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I’m hoping that there is a concrete reason this is happening and the devs. can pinpoint and fix it. Maybe it’s just a temporary optimization thing or just a setting that we can tweak before too long.

Also experiencing this a bit. I have focusrite scarlet solo as a sound card.

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Same here, happens constantly, like every 3-4 seconds. It does it during cut scenes too…
Very annoying

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for me it tends to happen whenever i enter a new area

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Hello all! Thanks for all the feedback, the more the better for the devs. to work on the problem.

So it seems like the sound stuttering lessens as you progress through the game, at least for me. Like Vas, mine tends to happen whenever a new area is opened up. Then the audio stutters for the new cutscene and for like the first five or ten seconds of gameplay. Then it seems to settle down.

So in some cases it doesn’t keep happening during gameplay, which is one encouraging thing.

It was the worst when the game first started up. The very first cut scene and the first part of the ship the stuttering was simply terrible. It was never as bad in later parts as it was then.

Also, I’m noticing this game is making my CPU run into the 80s C and my GPU to about 80. That’s not too bad but it’s about the limit I want my temps. going. I’ve got good airflow and fans but this game is a resource hog.

I’m having the same issue, even standing in the same area with the fps consistently at 80, I get a stutter every 5-10 seconds or so. It’s worse in some areas than others, I can go for minutes in some places without a single one, and it is just the audio, not the game itself. Running an RTX 2070 Super with a Core i5-13600KF. The CPU doesn’t even appear to be being taxed that much, hovering between 10-20%.

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Hmmm, interesting. I wonder if there’s an issue with the RTX 2070 causing a sound conflict, we’ve got the same card. Do GPU’s have any part in processing a game’s sound? I don’t know about how that all works.

…so just a quick follow up. I did some Google searches and learned that some modern GPUs do partially process the sound in a video game. But I have no idea how common this is or if it’s linked to one brand, etc.

But if the RTX 2070 does help process sound that could be a clue. Maybe we’ll find out down the line that there’s something we can change in our Nvidia settings to correct it. Or if it’s on the devs. end they can pinpoint in their game what conflicts with our GPU.

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Same issue for me! The first time the game wouldn’t even load so I restarted my computer which seemed to help. The first cut scene audio cut out many times but it seemed to get a bit better the further into the story I got–it was never perfect though.

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I am almost sure that this is a hardware problem, my RTX 3060 has difficulties in this game, I see a connection between performance problems and sound stuttering.
For example, the area switch, the game does not freeze, but the audio disappears, and there is fps drop. The same thing can happen during intensive scenes or during the cut scene, because the game begins to load the textures of the characters as soon as they appear on the screen again (an attempt to optimize the cut scenes).

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I was just playing and I’m noticing that the sound cuts out a lot when combat starts and you’re fighting multiple enemies. The sound and also there’s a sudden freeze where the game misses a few frames, then everything comes back again!

My 4070ti super also encountered the same problem, and I have updated the latest graphics card driver.

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Same here. Never experienced any problems with my Sound except on this game. - for your Info :). It stutters continuously during gaming. At the start of session - at the end - in the Middle :slight_smile: A bit annoying since playing with headphones. I would not say stutter its just away for a split of a second and then back not like distort or something. Happens very often i would say 1x / Minute. No FPS lost or something during this happens. I would not say it is the performance but clearly only the sound that it concerns.

I have the issue while running on my external soundcard AND running it in my Headphone jack on the PC. So i thought it might have been the soundcard but its clearly not. Ther is a youtube Video with solutions but nothing helped.

its early acces so I report the error :slight_smile: - hope it helps and gets hopefully fixed of course … all Drivers updated.



I9 13900K
32GB Ram

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