Game that has everything to be excellent

The game is very good. The combat mechanics are very good, I would add something to blocking the correct enemy and making the stamina and poise bars a little clearer. The durability part is interesting, but if done in a very breakable way, it becomes annoying, just like in Dark Souls 2. Obviously the FPS drops have been a problem in the experience, if possible, fix it so that Early Access is not boycotted by negative reviews. The armor looks very nice and interesting, I personally don’t like having to level up my endurance several times to use the armor I like, so the weight bar can be changed to make it a little easier. The binds are cool in control, but the issue of changing healing potions should be made easier. Regarding harvesting items, such as ax and pickaxe, they are items that I don’t see why they have to be durable.

Anyway, I understand that the game has everything to be excellent, since I’m a big fan of dark souls and it’s very similar to Torchlight 3, which was an excellent game too.