Future Games Show Interview

For anyone interested: No rest for the wicked interview for Future Games Show.



For me, PVP in this game is not important. I do not know why these ambitions and it seems to me that in the early days of development PVP was not in the early days of development (I could be wrong). But if they are talking about it now, then probably someone needs it. I just don’t want PVP mode to take up a lot of time that could be spent on significant improvements to the current game.
Maybe they should have conducted a poll about the need for PVP and what it will look like (on one map)? Or what if they introduce PVP and then the players ask for PVP modes? Is Moon Studios ready for that?
Thanks for PVE. Then we need servers where you can join someone you don’t know.

If there will be PVP it should be separate servers/rooms/maps for it (separate). I don’t want to lose progress in the game because some player will invade my default world and take all my resources.
Instead, I want to see events in the game that would cause me to lose some progress, my rebuilt housing, weapons, items.
Perhaps my house will be burned down in the game, and it will be done by an NPC in my absence, whom I denied a quest (looters); I will be the loser in a heated battle and lose a pumped weapon; there will be events related to the defense of the house, if you do not protect your house in time, the weather elements will destroy it, and you will have to rebuild it again. And that’s just the beginning of the ideas.

Here’s a segment in the video 3:08 to 3:20 (No Rest for the Wicked Extended Developer Interview).
At 3:12, the enemy on the left takes a long time to turn around. Why? Is it such a slow enemy type in reactions:(((
Moment at 3:14 why are the 2 enemies at the table on the left going in the same direction behind the player? Why doesn’t the second enemy go around the table from the other side?
The biggest observation at 3:16 in the video is when one enemy is near another, i.e. there is a pileup of enemies on top of each other, it doesn’t look cool.
I don’t want to criticize the AI and maybe this old build of the game, but I want the AI in the game to be improved.

There are people who criticize games coming out in early access, but when you see No Rest for the Wicked, you kind of trust that the developers are doing a good job, that you won’t get stuck, no errors, but at the same time players need to understand that early access is necessary.
You see these gameplay clips, you see how finely crafted the game is in so many different aspects: all the verticality, walking, combat, animations. This is more of an appeal to players so that if you get stuck, you don’t write how bad the game is, why I bought it but rather get feedback that doesn’t criticize the game,but encourages Moon Studios to make it better, more elaborate, newer, more impressive.
The game already looks amazing and there could be a lot of ideas here to develop it.


Yeah, from the videos I seen, the game will come to early access already very refined, but without a doubt there will be a lot of tweaking to be done (not to mention the roadmap updates). But that is why it is not a full release yet, the developer team can see what’s good and what needs to be changed.


Aw, this was a nice interview. I wish there were more of them, I can’t wait to play :smile:

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