Word of appreciation


This might be a bit of a strange post as this forum has been mainly used to ask questions regarding Wicked, so if it doesn’t fit here I’ll gladly delete it.

I’d like to thank the devs for being so open about Wicked and the plans going forward. We can literally ask questions about Wicked here and get a bit of insight while the game isn’t even out on early access yet. I’ve seen very few studios being so open and communicative and I think it’s awesome that the devs (and especially Thomas Mahler as I’ve seen him answer quite a few questions) are willing to do this.

So to everyone making this possible, thank you! I, and I’m sure the whole community, really appreciate that.


The dev team seems very down to earth, like they haven’t been sanitized by shareholders or executives. It’s a refreshing change of pace, and I hope their game is successful (and fun, lol).


I hope so too! :rofl: :joy: