If I may be so bold

If I may be so bold and just have a moment of your time to just say ; Thank You!.
It’s not easy for an indie-studio these days to release a title that’s been a project for 5-6 years and get this much feedback and be THIS dedicated and loyal to their community. I get that some people do compare NRftW to other titles like Elden Ring, PoE and Diablo wich is not fair because budget and team capacity is not even in comparison!

So, if anyone else like my self want to spread their love and praise for that they’ve done so far. Please do so.

I go first: Thank you for Ori, and thank you for No rest for the Wicked, and THANK YOU for all the hard work dev team, community managers, interns and families(that let these guys do what they do) etc etc. You’re awesome!