Function Remapping - Not just key rebind - Sprint/Dodge/Jump

I know people have talked about the ability to rebind keys. This is all well and good, but I think fundamentally having sprint, dodge, and jump/vault being mapped all to the same button leads to a lot of accidental inputs like rolling off a cliff when i was trying to jump/vault onto another piece of terrain. Having those 3 functions on the same keybind leads to some frustration.

Suggestion: Have a option to combine those 3 functions to one key or separate them and choose individually. An example would be:

  • sprint - (left stick click) | with toggle/hold sprint option
  • Jump/vault - (A button)
  • Dodge - (B button)

Diablo 4 has an option like this (image attached). Where you can combine move/interact/basic skill or you can uncheck that and bind them separately.


I also wanted to add, this game is amazing and I’m absolutely loving it. Incredible work Moon Studios! Your art and design team are incredible. Animation team has also displayed some outstanding work here. I can’t wait to see all of the future updates as you continue to work on the game.