UI / UX, menu interactions and remapping controls

On PC, I’m grateful that I can now rebind some keys, however there are still a few important keys that can’t be rebound. TAB, mouse4, mouse5, caps lock, etc. For example, in games like these with inventory management I like to have my inventory on TAB. I would also like the ability to move parry to a mouse thumb button, change the sprint and targeting keys, etc. Essentially, ESC should be un-bindable to access menu, and everything else should be able to be bound however anyone chooses.

Also, whatever the menu is on the TAB key should really just be consolidated into one menu. There’s no need to have a smaller contextual menu on TAB, which can have their own individual keys anyway, and effectively the same menu on ESC. Probably helpful for people using controller / on console, but not kb+m in my opinion.

Again on PC using kb+m; using WASD to look around the map feels really weird. Really you should move the map around using mouse and left click.