Found a hole! :) (requested log files included)

Hello! I’ve just downloaded as of yesterday. Playing with keyboard settings, not controller. I have a history of glitch hunting (and grammar checking) in beta testing, and would love to contribute as I continue my adventure, if that’s welcome. :slight_smile:

As for the bug I am reporting:

Potentially related to: Bug: fell through the floor - Wicked Bug Reporting - No Rest For The Wicked - in that it is the first, closest thing I found on a rapid skim of previous posts.

& definitely related to: Dropped out of the map - Wicked Bug Reporting - No Rest For The Wicked

… apparently I can only have 2 links per post, so… I’m going to reply to myself, I guess??

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And for the requested files:

Video Snip:

… I can’t find the post that I was referencing for posting guidelines, anymore… so if I missed something, please let me know! <3

Remembered this belatedly! :smiley:

haha, that’s hilarious. nice find!

Same happened to me.
The first time (do not have video), the character was in the swimming animation then died.
The second time (video included), falls through the map then dies shortly after.

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I found edge of the map :smiley: - Wicked Bug Reporting - No Rest For The Wicked

This looks like a fresh report of the same bug. Figured I’d try to keep 'em together as I find 'em?

Hope I’m allowed to bump my own topic - for the sake of the files I’ve included, as well as minimizing duplicate posts?

In the hallway after Riven Twins, at the top of the stairs. You can fall through the world in the corner. I repeated it twice