Focus system change - suggestion

This is a very nice idea.

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You don’t need cooldowns to force people to use different runes. You just need to balance them better and/or have mobs deal with them better.

If a rune can be used at distance and does same or more damage at the same cost it of course is going to be abused. It’s not rocket science.

Just balance the runes AND stop having enchant remove 2 rune slots. Removing gem slots and giving a curse is enough, don’t kill build variety.

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100% agree that once you have focus regeneration combat becomes boring. It ruins the sense of risk and reward if I can enter any combat scenario with a full focus bar. You could even just back off the enemy and wiat to refill .

Another perspective. I strongly disagree with all three points.

  1. Focus gained from run attacks allows for access to rune abilities allows for playing a rune/focused based build. After all -following the recent nerf to focus gain on % you do need to at least invest in focus based gear to maintain a heavy use of runes. I don’t think it’s fair to anyone for a section of the community to gatekeep “balance” because they don’t want to play the game that way. Instead I think it’s a much healthier alternative for the game to take a look at heavy attack damage and possible light attack chaining (more damage the more you hit, possibly from an infusion) that gives a substantial buff to non-focus/run orientated builds. I’ll explain further in my points for items 2&3.

2&3. It seems like all your asking for here is for focus to be a build up mechanic and not something just available to the player at all times. I strongly disagree with this because it feels like you’re just gatekeeping a playstyle you feel is “cheesy”. There are reactionary runes, there are utility runes, there are big damage runes, there are utility and damage runes combined, etc. This you’re proposing would rely on build up (since decay would preclude focus is available at the start of the fight. But what if I want to buff pre fight? What if I want to blink the first attack from the boss and put myself in a good position? What if I want to, the list could go on and on.

I think the more constructive avenue for focus in the current state of the game (the infusions available, gear affixes, etc) is a hard look at the cost for rune abilities. Without eliminating nearly pure rune builds being a viable path. Look I’ve never touched a pure mage/spell build in souls and feel the game is more enjoyable combining spells and attacks but thank goodness the game wasn’t designed for just me. There are tons of players who will want to play this want and they should have that ability.

In closing…
The overwhelming vibe I get reading through the “focus” discussion is, this is too strong nerf it. Which means those players just don’t like it and feel it takes away from their enjoyment of the game which is complete BS imo because at the end of the day it’s a single player/co-op pve game. Play what brings you joy, don’t gate keep. Yes, cone could do 2-3 less hits of damage and still be viable. Yes, CC locking and end game boss is cheesy. But no one is forcing players to interact with their world in this way. So why are so many people wanting a complete 180 from what is available in the game. Just my perspective, I’m not holding all the cards here but it just seems a poor solution to to the problem to remove one style of play instead of making non-focus builds more impactful. Which could happen, we don’t know there’s so little content in the game at the moment and yet there are very strong opinions on what direction the game “should” take moving forward.

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They appear to not want a game to be fun, replayable, and build diverse. They want the one-way-only solutions that is

  • “rofl-evade”
  • “ridiculously-op-parying”
  • “by-hart-memorizing-attack-patterns”

what is the same since ages for basically all soulslikes.

They do not want or maybe are not able to

  • plan out a character beforehand
  • accept that there can be multiple solutions to a problem
  • develop new approaches based on failure
  • let other people be happy

Seriously, why in gods name cant you just NOT use a mechanic YOU do not like, but want to enforce that NOBODY can use it. I just dont get it… you dont discuss about adapting, improving, balancing… no, you just want to remove it… why?

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Oh wow, many interesting points here.

If you don’t like cooldown, and I really get why, change it up to a charge meter. Abilities wont hit as hard as long as they are “charging”, but you can however. This would also enable gems like: “gain charge on focus use” maybe. This would require you to cicle through your abilities I think.

Just guessing here.

Please keep in mind, that multiplayer will be a thing, which is why many playstyles must be viable and go toe to toe to each other. :slight_smile:

Basically, there is a fear (and it has been proven in other games), that in the end there will be one rune builds and they are so strong, that the meta will evolve around them. I want to be honest here: I never liked that…