Focus System Suggestions

Have a greater variety in focus costs and have some runes be 200 or more. This will encourage players to invest in focus as a stat more if the really good runes are locked. Have runes that cost 50 have basic attack damage and higher cost runes have increased damage of 20% more damage per 50 cost above the 50 benchmark.

Remove focus gain on focus use. Change this to either increase focus gain on non-focus damage to prevent focus spamming or to decrease in focus cost as that is the basic end result without allowing unlimited focus spam.

Allow INT to increase focus damage either as a percentage or flat bonus.

I totally get behind variations in cost (more so that there are ATM). But I don’t think it should only scale with INT. I don’t see rune abilities as mage/int specific but rather tools… and I don’t think tools should be limited to one attribute set in the current state of the game.

I think the argument over removing focus on damage revolves more around what gear options are currently in the game without elimination build options. In the current state of the game I can’t get behind removing focus on damage entirely even if it’s limited to non-rune damage.