Flask, cos food do be kinda mehh

I agree with you on a lot of things, some I disagree with. I’ll go over them as you listed them.

  • I think it’s fine as it is. Maybe require less ingredients for ‘‘early game’’ recipes and then later allow for more ingredients for ‘‘late game’’ recipes.

  • Agreed, you first kill some crabs but don’t have a recipe for crabs. Instead you start with the artemisia and mushroom recipe. A bit more overlap or a grilled crab recipe with reduced healing could be nice.

  • I’d like it to be similar to the ‘‘druid grove’’ in Orban Glades, where there are a lot of herbs and mushrooms in one spot. So have a specific location where you can farm a lot of ingredients. Also farming is coming, so that should alleviate some issues.

  • I disagree with having a basic food ingredient healing you for a lot. Kinda defeats the point of cooking. They could do single item recipes for basic healing and, as you said, the complex food recipes offer valuable bonusses. I like that quite a lot.

  • I just dislike how the inventory system is handled atm. I’d much rather have craft able bags. They gain increased slots and stacks as you progress.

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all of this in my view is a direct improvement of my suggestions and statements; good stuff

I’d be down for flasks that have other effects like +20% damage but -20% stamina. So many other things can be done with this. In other words, not healing but more of the potion variety. Perhaps beer increases your poise but you lose armor.


Not always, which is part of the problem.

Food makes perfect sense when clearing enemies out of an area that don’t respawn. Works great there, and I don’t have any issues with it.

Where it breaks down is bosses. You typically get one of two effects with a non-replenishing healing resource:

  1. The boss is difficult, and kills the player repeatedly. The player slowly runs out of healing items until they are gone. Either the player has to walk away to go farm healing items again (which feels awful, speaking from experience), or they have to attempt the boss over and over without any healing (which also feels awful, also speaking from experience).
  2. The boss may still be somewhat difficult (or easy), but now the player has accumulated a ton of food. Even if the player is fighting poorly, they can just run around waiting for their healing items to come off cooldown, and slowly chip away at the boss’s health until they prevail. Wins like these don’t feel rewarding compared to learning a boss’s moveset and executing the fight cleanly.

Both options feel bad. And different players are going to fall into different buckets. It’s impossible to design a boss that lands in the middle and takes the perfect amount of healing items to learn, because players have different skill levels, and will need different quantities of healing items before they can down a boss. This is a problem, because bosses should be one of the most interesting parts of a game, and both options make fighting bosses discouraging.

I love Bloodborne, but blood vials were easily the worst part of that game, and suffered from the same problems.

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For one , why arent the consumable “Add extra stamina/poise/etc” not mentioned? They do pretty much everything that some people ask food to do when replaced with a flask.
Second, I think that “Stop fighting a boss and go farm” might be a good thing, sometimes its best to take a break and do other things, especially if you spend “A lot of food” and still cant down a boss, you need a break. If its by releasing some tension by going around the map and collecting stuff or going to town and repair/farm.

This game is trying to combine several games into something unique and enjoyable. I would love to see how they polish the healing in later updates : )

This make no sense. We should make 2 separate threads about the same system with 2 proposed variants that are mutually exclusive? How would that work? That’s not how ideas are discussed, weighted, trialed etc.

Anyway, I’m not entirely against the potion idea, however, it needs to be more immersive, something related to alchemy. Please not your generic PoE/Diablo potions, that refill in town(or on cd) please no!

Support this.

Clearly resource gathering is a core element of the game at the moment (even if it gets a bit out of hand with the current enchantment system, imo).

“Crafting” food is simply an extension of using those resources no different from weapons/armor. And I think the addition of secondary stats are nice and allow for more build diversity.