Feedback on Gear impact after 17 hours

Hey. Tons of people are providing feedback after they finish the game, but this time i want to focus on one thing that i noticed: Gear dependancy, or rather, the insane scale it has.

I finished the sewers level quite easily because my dual daggers and stamina regeneration gave me infinite sustain, so i could literally just spam light attack and heal all the damage taken, while doing dps. It made the entire level feel really easy just because of my gear (RNG enchants can do that in my experience).

After the sewers, new enemy types appear everywhere, some of them literally oneshots me for no reason. I am all for skill in games, but to go from button mashing to having to dodge even the most basic attack is a HUGE power spike, and even gear that i find now, gives something like +30 armor or more over the one i have. So i am forced to remove all my gear that has insane buffs, just because of low armor values (i could upgrade it, but i already did a fair bit so finding new materials can be hard).
So now i am kinda forced to use grey gear that i randomly find on the ground, which is not good progression in my opinion.

Gear is faaaar to important, deciding wheter you can withstand blows or die with one hit. I think buffs are far too strong, armor values too important or enemy damage too high. I can’t decide. I know the game is also an RPG so it’s impossible to remove gear from the equation, but the difference is just too big.

(also little sidenote, i wanted to play with a spear, but in 17 hours i literally never found a single one, so i’m still waiting. Random loot can be very annoying)

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Tbh while I see how you reached this kind of frustration and understand the logic behind it, I strongly disagree with your point. Spamming attacks is clearly not the intended way to play the game, and instead the “having to dodge most basic attacks” is just the game catching up to you now that the “cheap” alternative to fighing has become less impactful. You need to dodge, you need to wait for a window to attack, you need to be punished if you recklessly run to the enemy. The game is designed like that, and instead it’s what you were doing that needs to be toned down.

Also, as far as armour and gear and etc goes, it’s normal that old gear has to be left behind. At some point the incredible armour you picked up 8 hours ago just isn’t going to cut it anymore (as long as you don’t madly upgrade it, but that takes time and resources). And even if you upgrade it, it’s still a low-level item and pales in comparison to more powerful options. It’s an ARPG.

So far I believe spears do not exist. They’ve just gaslighted people into believing there’s spears in the game with the weekly challenge. I’ve yet to find one after 15hrs, too.

I think you missunderstood me or i explained it wrong, the button mashing i was referring was due to my gear carrying the “build”. I regen a lot of HP per hit, so i didn’t even need to dodge too much except for the most powerful attacks (prove is that i killed the boss on the sewers first try, without much skill other than dodging his entire combos). But the fact is that my gear was totally carrying the fights, it was too strong for that level and against normal enemies i didn’t even needed to dodge. It’s not a skill issue, i play on low weight to dash faster on purpose. My point is basically: Untill sewer boss the gear totally carried everything. After the sewers mobs oneshots you. So yes, i need to play better now of course, but also the amount of damage they started doing after simply exiting the sewers is insane, and only a huge amount of sheer armor points can defend you from that.

As for spears, i still didn’t drop any, but i found a recipe to craft one, i need 1 more material and i can make it, but i don’t think you can drop any in game from mobs or chests i agree… Or maybe we are both very unlucky :smiley:

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Ah, I see, yes I misunderstood the ultimate point of your discussion. I thought it was a way of saying “I want the gear to be as impactful as it has been before”, which is (I believe) against the vision of the game.

Yes, such a spike in difficulty should be worked on. Probably the impact early game gears can give needs to be reduced a bit, leaving more to the skill of the player.
And, on the other side, the mid-game difficulty should be lessened a bit, at least to give a feeling of “Things got difficult but I’m prepared for it” and not “Shit this guy one-shots me”.

Spears need to be a drop. They can’t make me wait until 20hrs into the game to find a recipe and craft one.

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