Feedback on combat + Hotfix #3 stole my home

First of I would like to say I have been having a lot of fun with the game despite all the issues. A few issues which bug me the most are:

  1. Player-controlled characters have no innate “edge detection”. They just roll off cliffs or charge-attack off the edge and fall to their death without resistance. Doesn’t help either when “run”, “mantle” and “jump/leap” are all mapped to the same button.

Getting knocked off the edge of a cliff by an enemy is fine, annoying, maybe sometimes funny, but still fine.

  1. When fighting a particular shield-bearing enemy type, you lose control of your character after every attack you land, so they can also get a hit in. Best way I can describe it is “forced turn-based combat”. I hit them, try to roll out of the way, but feet are planted to the ground.
    I do not know if this a bug or just uninspired game design.

  2. After installing Hotfix/Patch #3, I lost access to my home. The home was bought by a character I deleted days ago. So now when I go to the door with a new character, I get a text at the top if the screen saying something along the lines of “privately owned residence”. All my loot is stored in there.

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I lost a bit of quest progression after th hotfix, about 30 minutes of game play, but I did not lose any loot or anything else. But how would I know if I lost any loot, I need pen and paper to write down what I have in each chest …

I noticed that sometimes I want to roll out after an attack and my character just stand there and takes a hit, then I can roll away, with more than 50% stamina and no other status that would prevent me to roll. I just thought it’s me not timing the roll on time.