Feedback from a new to souls combat gamer

First off, I am absolutely loving the game so far. I have a lvl 26 rogue-archer with a fully decked out top tier house and almost (damn you bugged clay!) a fully upgraded city.

The combat feels really good even if the enemies have godly tracking sometimes. Having them able to change directions mid jump/leap might be a little too much. Just saying. Other-wise really fun and challenging.

Different weapons have a different feel to them and this is great! Enjoy the bow even if auto-targeting can be wonky at times with it. I have grown used to adjusting it myself when possible.

The level design is absolutely some of the best I have come across. This is an explorer’s wet dream come true and it’s matched with a unique and beautiful art direction which is easy on the eye and creates a unique world.

The story is well written and I find myself actually paying attention to it!

Being able to manipulate and update our main hub is really engaging and rewarding. I don’t mind the time gating as this is something I have grown accustomed to from my MMO days and there is always something to do and work towards.

Three of my biggest gripes come from the storage system, current repair cost balance and item wheel.

  • Storage: Vendors should have access to our storage. Running back and forth because I forgot something is not fun. Period.

  • Repair costs: I am new to souls combat (I died many times learning!) and I preferred the original day 1 balance with repairs. It made every death mean something and I had to scrounge for repair consumables and use them wisely.

I understand why it was re-balanced and agree with the changes up to a certain point. I think at some point in the story progression it should revert back to the original scaling or closer to it. The problem now is repair consumables are all but worthless and repairing is so cheap it feels meaningless. More like a chore than the walk of shame it was designed to be. The Indestructible affix on gear is now all but worthless.

  • The Item wheel is too slow to use during many combat encounters. It wouldn’t be so bad if when I used the last of my favorite food it didn’t revert to mushrooms or something else useless.

Just my two cents so far. The misses and I really love what we are seeing and playing. Keep up the good work Moon and we can’t wait for the multiplayer update;-)