Feedback after reaching level 22

Keep doing what you’re doing.
For an EA game this is amazing. Quick hotfixes and an amazing experience. Not perfect but definitely very fun cant wait until multiplayer.

Give attributes more of an identity.
I would like to see some sort of passive conferred to each or some of the attributes to make the choice more expressive. Something akin to more Health attribute lower cooldowns on food. Or Equip Load confers a bonus when multiple slots are filled in. This would only be practical if the weapon stat gatekeeping is altered. But seeing your playstyle expressed through attribute selection and gear would be fun.

Change the stat based weapon system.
Personally I don’t want gear to dictate my attribute selection, I want my attribute selection to amplify the gear I want (even with appropriate downsides). If there’s no passive application of the core stat or stats for the weapon a good alternative would be to utilize blood ichor to change the stat requirement. So i can roll a two handed sword to need 25 intelligence instead of 25 strength to wield. Or making the stat requirement needed to unlock all rune/gem slots or use it at max damage, but you can wield it and use most slots as long as you have single stat at the same level of the required stat.

Guide new players through more of a tutorial.
Forcing player to die, repair, manage focus and use multiple weapons would help a lot. Finding out you can equip a staff to heal and repair your gear at the expense of focus is a game changer.

Allow rune extraction and attribute rerolls.
This has been discussed by others and I agree.

More Use of the War Room.
It would be great if you could spawn enemies in the War Room to practice against for no exp/gold. Whether it be to hone against enemies or test loadouts.

More Quality of Life.
Placing a whisper in the players home. Figure out incentives for both in-home crafting vs merchant crafting. Mini-Games for chance at extra gathering resources to make more interactive (or a skill or gold sink to achieve same effect). Link community inventory to merchants.

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