Fast Travel / Mounts

Loving the game so far!
However, I think the game needs some sort of fast travel as it’s already a little tedious (20hrs in) running from one area to the next and I’m assuming the map is only going to get bigger.
I don’t necessarily think fast travel has to be free though. I thought perhaps a stable could be introduced in Sacrament where you can purchase a horse that you can use to fast travel a certain amount of times in a 24hr period depending on the “quality” of the horse you own. A ridable horse/mount would also be great but I’m assuming that would be harder to implement at this stage.
I completely understand the point of view that running from one point to another is part of the fun and how you discover loot etc but I just think fast travel from whisper to whisper would be a nice addition especially as the map grows and people eventually get bored of running the same routes.


I think using whispers as waypoints instead of just “town ↔ last whisper” would be good enough.

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Yes, we definitely need some form of Fast Travel. Maybe have more Cerim Whisper closer together so we can Fast Travel from there and we can walk and explore the rest of the way.

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