Fall Damage feels a little bit high

Health being kind of rare it doesn’t feel great to be losing so much health just for climbing (not a high object) and jumping off by accident.


I agree about this, but I understand we are being dissuaded…

Could get addressed, but will continue to play and see if there may be any reason for lowering the damage in the rest of the game.

Agree, after ~8 hours of play it feels a little too sensitive to me. In some areas, I was taking more damage traversing terrain than even fighting mobs.

I’d either give a 20-30% more lenient fall damage threshold or keep the threshold, but reduce the amount of damage taken from the fall by maybe 20-30%?

I second this, while not to the point of feeling frustrating the damage is still quite high, expecially with the game being so vertical. Exploring zones high up feels tremendously dangerous some times.