[Exploits + Improvements - bosses&legendary loot + trying new gear and new npc]

[Exploit] You can exploit the save system to duplicate absolutely everything in the game, gear, resources, exp potions etc. In my opinion this needs fixed asap.
[Solution] I think this is due how the game saves itself, if you override the same save file you opened anytime you close a storage box should fix it.

[Exploit] You can craft 1 of the medium potions with 0 cost 99 at a time infinetely = infinite silver, needs fix asap.

[Improvement - Boss] Since legendary gear is not guaranteed in boss drops, let me replay the boss fights with ember stones, make it more expensive since I can get legendary loot, like 10 ember stones/try, can fight only bosses I have already defeated.

[Improvements - try new gear and new npc] Since its impossible to re-spec at this moment in the game, its really hard to decide which spec I want and what weapon to go for, in Sacrament TRAINING GROUND, let the trainer there become an npc where:

  1. He shows me an enciclopedia of all the weapons available in the game, so that at least I know whats available in game
  2. Everytime I find a weapon, I can go to him, give him the weapon and it will unlock it for me to try ONLY on the training grounds with NO SPEC RESTRICTION, this way I can try different weapons, see how they feel, try core mechanics and abilities and then decide what to spec for, but I need to find them 1st and give it to him, and then find it a second time for myself.

This will give more incentives for players to explore and go for loot

Nice idea, i spent so much time trying to test 2h weapons that this or even a target dummy would’ve made it so much easier to find out the basic Claymore it just better than the only unique 2h greatsword lol