Equipment effects not working as intended (leech/speed)

Particularly, lifeleech is behaving strangely. Dual daggers with built-in 2% leech heal me for WAY MORE by themselves than other dual daggers with no leech plus the ring that gives 2% leech (Crow Ring) and the other ring that gives leech but saps focus (Plagued Ring). No matter what, it looks like the floating heal values over my character model don’t ever show higher than +1 also which is clearly yet another bug. Something is very, very wrong here somewhere in the calculations.

Now, obviously weapon-based leech needs a nerf, but I believe if I’m investing a weapon roll and two rings with big drawbacks, I should be getting the same amount of total lifeleech I’m getting now, even post-inevitable-nerf.

I’ve also mentioned in another post, but “overall speed” bonuses from rings and gear does not appear to affect movement speed at all, and it DEFINITELY doesn’t affect attack speed as it’s stated to. I’d really like to try out an attack speed build, and currently that’s just not possible at all. I’ve also seen someone say that rune damage also doesn’t do anything.