Equipment comparison! Comparação de equipamentos!

They could include an extra table of equipment statistics (weapons, bows, shields and armor). With this we can make a better comparison of the items that are in the inventory with the equipped item, and thus, it is better to be able to choose the best item to equip.

Poderiam colocar uma tabela extra das estatísticas dos equipamentos (armas, arcos, escudos e armaduras). Com isso podemos fazer uma melhor comparação dos itens que estão no inventário com o item equipado, e assim, fica melhor para podermos escolher qual o melhor item para equipar.

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I’m not sure how easy it is to farm certain gems, or which ones the enchanter sells down the road, but i feel the reason they don’t have an extraction feature is because you can farm or purchase them. Extraction would be nice though, depending on their rarity, especiallt because enchanting removes gem slots and it kinda hurts to lose them and start from scratch.

As for descriptions, since the same gem will have a different effect depending on whether you socket it on armor or weapons, it makes sense the only way right now to know what the effects would be is to try it out on a piece of gear first. You’re not locked in until you confirm so you can test one gem across different things.

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