Compare equiped items with the ones in the inventory

I’ll like to ask if there’s the posibility to add a button to compare the items that i have in the inventory with the one is equiped, similar to others rpgs games.


Agreed. This would help a lot with managing inventory a lot. It would also be great if it worked with items in your stash to help with organizing/cleanup.

Excelente idea, because any comparision method used will be very usefull. Please, provide this change . Tks

Isn’t there already a system like that? The game tells you wether the item has more ore less stats than the equipped one. Do you mean something like “Here is your characher now, and here is how it would be with this item instead”?

Current system is not enough, it doesn’t provide information on what gems are used, what affixes item has, so if they add just another window close to current one but for previewing currently equipped item, it would make swapping items a lot more nicer experience.

As of right now the only way around I found was to equip the item you want, it gets swapped with previously equipped, look at the descriptions and swap back, which is not a big deal, but players have seen that there is a better solution in other games, so it would be nice to have it

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That’s true. I’m tired of constantly selecting items in my inventory and then reselecting new ones on my character just to see which affixes are better. Nonetheless, the game is great. :heart:

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