Environment visual downgrade since Hotfix 2

After updating to Hotfix 2 and starting fresh I’ve noticed a lot of visual nuisances in the environment. It seems like fog isn’t correctly applying to background elements and/or there is some kind of layering issue.

Graphics settings: Native 1080p, no resolution scaling, “Quality” preset, max sharpening.

Please see the image attached below that show how it should look like & how it should not.

(image 1) Here is the “before” which looks fine to me (hotfix 1, 12577)

(image 2) Here is the “after” which shows weirdly lit elements in the distance (hotfix 2, 12610)

(image 3) Here is image 2 with the visual bugs circled around

Please do note that this can be seen everywhere in this starting location and is not exclusive to this spot where both of my characters are situated.

Hotfix 3 fixed this :slight_smile: No more distractions in the distance after updating.