Endgame and materials is the horror


I have now completed the story end boss “Twins”, after which the game took me to the endgame.

But the endgame is a total horror, if you die you fly out and have to insert these mats again. The opponents there are also far too strong, once you’ve been hit you’re usually already dead…

Furthermore, to get wolf claws and others mats you run around for hours to get none in the end.

Please add these annoying materials to the stores.

Since I’m done with the game for now and I’m not interested in the endgame at this stage, I’m out for now until something happens here, maybe in 1 year or so it will be something :slight_smile:

PS. The game has potential but at the moment it’s really not what it should be.

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you are meant to go in with your best gear, it’s endgame after all.

so start upgrading.

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Upgrading is also a horror at the moment, getting the materials together feels like work, you run around like a chicken without a head and end up not getting what you need.

When the game is finished and you’re through the story, it’s definitely worth checking out again, but for now, no thanks :slight_smile:

because some mats spawn in future areas that aren’t out yet.
but ingots n stuff you can simply buy from the smithy by upgrading him

if you need specific upgrade mats the general merchants sells em quite often.

Wolfs-Claws to? Actually its a mess to get them.

all kinda of stuff, ofcourse if you wnna see tier 3 items aswell then you gotta lvl him to 3.

it’s random tho since it rotates.

wolves spawn pretty often tho simply go through nameless keep you also get challanges which is often wolves.

There will be a ton of wolves replacing the old enemies. The areas are updated several times, I think it follows your level.