'End Game' equipment balance downright broken, with an illustration

I do love this game so much :smiley:

That said- the equipment and level balance for ‘end-game’ is downright broken right now. All equipment is- literally- unusable.

I’ve beaten the Twins, and the world has scaled, which I like!

However, I’m Level 16, and now the only gear that drops is Tier 3 - Lvl 21 - as you can see, I cannot use any of the equipment that I picked up on my last Bounty Sortie- and it isn’t even close (I have a few T1 weapons and T2 armors still in there as well).

They either require Lvl 21, or… well, this 1H Sword here requires 42 INT. EVERY weapon has stat requirements like this.

To be clear, that’s 32 points invested in INT, which is 11 levels worth of attribute points exclusively devoted to INT. I’m level 16. The game thinks I should be 21- even if I were, that’s a preposterous amount of INT points just to use a basic weapon.

In fact, I can’t even use Tier 2 Weapons or Shields, because the stat requirements are so high. My Halberd is the sole T2 exception that I’ve found in 25 hours. I’m still using my upgraded T1 Climber’s Pick, a T1 bow, and a T1 Shield.

Please give this a Heart for visibility if you’ve recognized this issue in your own game- obviously this can be fixed, but the end-game is not really a fun endeavor until this is addressed.


Yeah I had this same issue. Beat the twins and suddenly all of the gear dropping is outside of my level to use - took me like 20 minutes to realize the ‘world tier’ had gone up, which is a really cool idea, but like you said it wasn’t explained. Seems like we’re expected to be a higher level when we’re at that point.

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The second you beat the twins you basically get put into level 21 zone (which mainly drops level 3 items requiring level 21), though with the difficulty of the twins you can be way below that level. You can new realm and get pretty quickly to pretwin enviroments or just fight the mobs.

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That must have been the expectation, although it’s a bit odd- I don’t think you could reasonably be at 20+ at that point without a LOT of grinding- I had been taking my time, doing bounties, exploring a lot.

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I appreciate that there are ways around it, but I’m not having a hard time with the enemies- they’re dangerous, but that’s alright.

I’m just assuming that ‘you can’t use anything you get’ is not the intended behavior. I still can’t use T2 weapons or shields, because of the high and weird stats. All my ‘Strength’ type gear requires 22 Faith?!? I’m 22 Str, and that hasn’t opened up a single piece of T2 weaponry for me.

Yeah there’s a ton of RNG in the weapon dropping. One of the best things you can do is figure out what the tier 2 and tier 3 vendors drop and plan around them, since its really thje only consistent way of planning with all the rng in drops.