Economy model, trading and the town

Hey devs,

I was wondering what kind of economy model are you emulating. In an interview, Thomas is talking about controlling and upgrading our town, Sacrament.

However, I am not sure if we know yet if there will be a global market/trading system. And how that at all would work along with the town.

If ever implemented, an ever-changing trading system based on the global numbers of item type X, the rarity and number of mods could influence pricing them significantly. Nevertheless, it’d be nice if the items and resources collected for the town upgrade influenced the vendor prices. as well. So the saturation or scarcity of resource X would have an impact on the sale of goods.

Upgrading items through the town upgrade should be meticulously implemented so that loot tables would not depreciate and it won’t turn the game into town-crafting for hours as in the PoE mindset. The question is, no matter what, nothing should replace killing monsters. With great risk should almost always come great reward.

I’d also like to know more about how runes function. Will there be rune extraction and component shattering?

So when things get a bit more concrete I’d love to build and share my ideas around that. Keep it going, devs.

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Multiplayer is made as cloud realm u can imagine that as server. Everything on realm is shared (we dont have more details about that sadly)
It is possible to jump between realms.

I would like to have toons stuck to single realm which prevents any real money selling …
I dont like idea of marketplace, in games that have such thing are the best items always in that marketplace so item drops are usually useless. And loot system is one of the best thing on this game.

The global market/black market (however you want to call it) idea eliminates buying first-hand, ergo real money selling issue is out of the question. Think of it as a middleman system that operates by itself. So you will have no control over how much your item will be sold for as the pricing will not work as a volition of a player, instead, it will be based on the rarity/saturation of modifiers. Hence you won’t be wasting your hours to find the ideal market range and it prevents RMT from the get-go.

Current plan is to allow a free trade economy. You can hop onto any other players realm and trade. Our trading screen is very similar to what you see in D2.

I’ll let Kevin Jordan answer economy questions, he’s our master of coin :joy:

Btw, one cool idea that I wanna get in is that you’d be able to create ‘displays’ and fill them with your wares to allow for async trading. Imagine buying a house that you turn into your own armory where you set up a bunch of dolls and dress them up with armor you found and you can set a price for each item.

If another player interacts with those displays, they just get a vendor window and can buy your stuff even while you’re away.


In short, we want gold to matter. This is extremely difficult to pull off in the reality of a global market but that’s what we’re striving for.

A cool idea but the thing you have to remember is that this becomes a game in and of itself. As we know players love to break apart games and find ways to min/max and exploit the rules to their benefit. It would be no different here. The trick then is to make sure that the things players want to do to exploit a system like this is in tune with the types of experiences we want players to have. If everyone is having fun, no problems. If the best way to exploit the system for value is to do really grindy and monotonous things, we’ve failed the player. In essence, it’s much more difficult to pull off than it first appears.

Lastly, we want our economic system to be a support character in the overall fun play experience. To create an economic system that works and creates long lasting supply and demand and healthy values for everything you have to do things that aren’t fun for the player. We’re talking taxation without representation type of things and we know how that ended. :sweat_smile:


That is such a clever idea if you can make it work.

Oh to be a silly little alchemist/apothecary in my silly little shop selling my brews and broths…


Thanks for the answers.

Kevin, I believe there is an indissoluble bond between the design principles of itemisation and the implementation of the Trading System (TS). If we will truly get skill-based combat then itemisation in general shouldn’t have that big of an impact on combat. And this will inevitably reflect the demand of the market. The model I initially proposed first and foremost aims to eliminate RMT efforts inherent to the autonomous nature of it. And second only to cut down time for trades.

I am highly concerned about how these 2 issues could be resolved with a classic hoping in/out open-trading approach ala D2. Please elaborate.

Dont you think this approach is too much focus on multiplayer aspect while game can be played offline which points it is mainlt singleplayer experience.
THose kind of trading should be more for MMO games which i avoid thats why i’m interested in your game in the first place.

Personal shop idea is nice but i would prefer this for some kind of NPC customers, something like that, idk will see when the game will be released how that will fit.
But definitely designing this with multiplayer in mind is not so interesting for me or maybe i’m understand your game wrong.

Some multi ok like in Dark souls or Elden ring but designing trading for multi in singleplayer game, you could end up with abomination which can absorb more time to resolve problems which can be better spending working on idk. more zones for example.