Do not nerf the game into oblivion please

There are alot of games out there that hold your hand and allow you to mindlessly play through them so let us have this game that challenges us to be better.


I agree please don’t nerf the game! it’s fun the way it is. The challenge of surviving and learning the rotation of bosses and trash mobs is fun. The difficulty is great as is.

Seriously. I feel like durability was absolutely fine other than tools, and now repairing gear costs almost nothing, where as before it cost very little.

But I think with this game being early access, we got all the filtered reddit whiners out of the way.

Now most people will have their feet wet and want the game to remain challenging.

I totally agree with that.

Please dev don’t nerf the difficulty or the punishing elements.

Challenging games are the better ones.

Don’t casualize yours mecanics too much please