Dialogue Interactions are too finnicky, for example: Level 2 Blacksmith hard to talk to

Interactions are very poor in this game, having you re-aim yourself to interact with wisps… chests that you only can interact with from one direction… or sometimes only from a diagonal angle.

There is one big example of this… the level 2 blacksmith shop… trying to talk to the blacksmith and not getting the prompt for the furnace his assistant is sooo annoying.

Some attention to intent for interactions and placement of the boxes for what action is performed would be nice.

Yeh I feel the same about this, with the blacksmith Will the apprentice also stands in the way so sometimes you go from furnace to Will back to furnace etc.
Better to get behind the blacksmith and talk to him but it’s a way too finicky of a system imo.

in the fabric house, instead of talking, I always press my back against the counter) Now I began to climb on the counter with a running start to gain access to the store